SALES FORMATS:  I may list items on multiple formats simultaneously, such as, and on my web page.  Purchases through can be made through the normal purchasing process.  Contact me for items found on other formats.

CONTACT ME:  I do not have an automated system.  If you wish to purchase a rifle directly from me that is listed on my web site, or one that is listed on, please give me a call at (406) 792-5851 or send an email to fowlerarms@protonmail,com.  Title the email as PURCHASE REQUEST.  Please be sure to leave a message if you call.  My shop is noisy, and I don't have any employees, so it is likely that I won't pick up.  I typically do not return calls if there is not a message left.

PAYMENT:  I accept most credit cards and debit cards over the phone with a 3.5% processing fee.  I can also accept USPS money orders or personal checks.  All checks must clear the bank before the rifle will be shipped.  PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO SENDING ANY FORM OF PAYMENT.  I may have items listed on multiple formats and must ensure that a sale has not already been made.

SHIPPING:  Firearms will only be shipped to a legal and current Federal Firearms Licensee.  After paying for a firearm, please let me know what licensee near you that you would like the rifle shipped to.  I will contact them and obtain a copy of their Federal Firearms License (FFL).  I will verify the FFL, contact the license, package the firearms and ship it to the licensee.  I will ship UPS ground with $900 insurance.  Additional insurance can be provided at your request.  Shipping will typically be $50 but may vary depending on the size of the item and where it is being shipped to.  If you provide me your email address, I will have UPS send you shipment updates.  I will then ship the firearm to the FFL license that you request that it be shipped to.  When the firearm arrives, you will simply complete the same purchasing process as if you were buying the firearm from them.  The only difference is that you will have already paid me for the firearm.  The FFL licensee receiving the firearm will transfer it to you and may require a small processing fee.

Please be sure that it is legal for YOU to possess the firearm in the jurisdiction that it is to be transferred to you in.  You will be charged for shipping the firearm back to me in addition to a $50 processing fee if you are unable to complete the transfer due to it not being legal in your jurisdiction or it being illegal for you to possess.  The original purchase price minus shipping and handling will be refunded to you after I receive the firearm back from the licensee that was unable to transfer it to you. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Be sure to leave a message as I will likely not hear the phone and pick up right away.  I don't typically return calls to unknown numbers unless they leave a message. 

Thanks for your business!


All costs related to the service provided will be determined prior to any work being started. There will be absolutely no surprise bills or price hikes upon completion! All unsuspected costs discovered during the build process will be uncured by me. It is my responsibility to determine what will be required prior to taking on a job.


P.O. Box 393 Wilsall, MT 59086     (406) 792-5851