Retail Sales

I do not have an on line store per-se.  If you see something that you would like to purchase, please send me an email titled "Purchase".  When I receive the email, I will adjust my inventory.  After receiving payment I will ship the item to the address listed on the email.  You are responsible to make sure that any item that you purchase is legal to own in your location.  Please do not make the purchase if you know that it is illegal for you to do so.  If you are purchasing a firearm, please send me a copy of the Federal Firearms License for the business you would like the firearm sent to along with contact information for them.  When I receive them I will make contact with the FFL holder and make arrangements for shipping.  Once payment for the firearm and shipping has been received, I will ship to the FFL holder.  The form 4473 and NICS check will be conducted by the FFL holder upon your arrival to take possession of the rifle. I accept USPS Money Orders, Credit Cards and DISCREET PayPal.


Armory USA AK-74 Receiver


These are fully heat treated AK-74 receivers.  They have the rails installed, but do not have any side holes or the cross bar support installed.  The trigger guard holes are drilled.  They are marked MOD. AUSA, SER # ..., CAL 5.45X39  AND armory USA, Houston, Tx.  They are considered a firearms.  I have 9 available.