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My mission is to build extremely high-quality AK (Kalashnikov) style rifles from surplus military parts kits or new production parts from brands like WBP (Polish), Tortort Manufacturing, Childers Guns and Recreator Blanks.  The rifles that I build are eminently reliable, precisely built and accurate in detail and performance.  I work personally on every rifle that I build and have no employees, so each rifle is hand built to exacting and reliable standards, as if I were building it for myself.  This is not an ordinary production rifle!

I utilize high quality equipment in the process of completing my builds.  I will use extreme attention to detail and the proper tools, gauges and jigs in order to produce a reliable rifle that is very precise in its manufacture and tolerances.  I will tune and polish the internal rails and trigger components on each rifle.  I ensure that all rivet holes are precise and properly dimpled where required.  Rivets are all seated flush with the receiver and long rivets have well-formed heads for reliable and long-lasting durability.  Barrel journals are measured and compared to the component that is to be pressed on to ensure a proper fit.  Anti-seize grease is used to prevent galling and all pins are properly set.  All barrel components will be straight and aligned with the rear sight block, which is aligned perpendicular to the top of the receiver rails for reliable accuracy.  Headspace is checked with proper GO and NO-GO gauges whenever a barrel is pressed on and after the barrel pin is set.  Tilt tests are performed to ensure that the bolt carrier assembly moves freely and smoothly in the receiver.  When a rifle is finished, it will be function tested, and test fired.  It will then be rough zeroed to ensure that the front sight post is centered between the wings or ears protecting it on the front sight base and that it is close to being on paper at 100 yards.  The end result is a very reliable and precise firearm!

For those that want to bring the most accuracy out of their AK pattern rifle, on some rifles I will cut precision 11 Degree Target Crowns on the barrels.  This process is performed exactly as it would be on a precision rifle build, with a 60-degree primary bevel at the rifling with an 11-degree crown after being indicated from the bore to within 1-10,000 of an inch runout.  I will lap the locking lugs so that there is consistent contact, and all components will be tight and straight.

Each rifle is built to 922R compliance standards and is legal according to federal law and regulation.  If you have specific state requirements and would like to purchase a rifle, please contact me and I may be able to modify it so that it is compliant with law in your local jurisdiction.  I only ship to lawful and current Federal Firearms Licensees or can personally transfer a rifle if you are local.

I will always strive to do my very best work and not cut corners.  You will always end up with a reliable and sound end product.  If you are not satisfied with my work due to a legitimate manufacturing defect on my part, I will do everything in my power to correct the situation, at my time and expense.  Additionally, if it is required that the rifle be returned to my shop for correction of a legitimate manufacturing defect, I will pay for shipping to and from my shop.

Thanks for considering a Fowler Precision Arms for the most reliable and historically correct Kalashnikov pattern AK47 rifle you can buy.  You will not be disappointed if you choose Fowler Precision Arms!





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