Fowler Precision Arms is a law abiding business that manufactures firearms as a tool to be responsibly used by law abiding citizens of the United States, for all lawful and legitimate sporting, educational, self protection and professional purposes.  Our firearms are only to be used by persons who may lawfully possess them and where they may lawfully be possessed.  Like many tools, firearms are an inanimate object that when used properly by a trained individual are safe and efficient to use.  When used improperly they can become dangerous and can cause serious bodily injury and even death.  Always use great care when using a firearm.  Always assume that it is loaded and never point it at something that you do not want to destroy or kill in a lawful manner.  Store firearms in a safe manner and never allow a minor or someone who is untrained in the proper and safe use of firearms to possess them while unattended by a trained and responsible adult.  Fowler Precision Arms does not endorse and accepts no responsibility for any illegitimate, unlawful or negligent use of it's firearms, or for the results of that use.