Custom AK Build Services

Fowler Precision Arms will build a rifle from a parts kit that you as the client have provided. I can make the process very easy for you, as I can source all other parts required to build the rifle.  If you already have them...that works too.

I reserve the right to refuse to produce a rifle from a parts kit that is sub-standard and/or not safe to use. Please inspect the kit before sending it to me, as you will be charged a fee to ship it back to you in the event that it is un-usable.  Please clean the parts kit of Cosmoline and heavy grease.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but I will charge an additional fee of $50 if I have to degrease the entire kit.  I charge $50 if I have to remove pins and blocks from barrel stubs and remove receiver cuts from trunnions, as this takes a lot of time.  Current parts kits are not imported with a barrel. I will source a quality Green Mountain or AK Builder barrel, all of the required pins/build parts and a proper receiver. I will provide an invoice for the cost of parts and labor charges that will be agreed upon prior to starting work. You will be provided a receipt for the parts kit that you provide and any funds paid. Cost of parts must be paid prior to any work beginning. The shipping and handling, labor charge, and other fees may be paid upon completion if preferred.  My lead times now are less than a month and in many cases significantly sooner.


Standard Full Rifle Build $360

Folder Full Rifle Build $375

This service includes building a complete, and functional rifle from a parts kit provided by the client.  It includes building, headspacing, function testing and test firing.

The above noted cost includes labor price only.



Conversion:  They vary.  $124 and up.  Call For Pricing.

All conversions are dependent upon parts availability. We research parts availability and pricing prior to starting the conversion. The above cost includes labor price only. Price may vary depending upon work required to make the conversion.  Saiga conversions include welding and finishing of post-ban holes.  Some Saiga barrels require stripping and turning of the journals to make them fit standard sight and gas blocks.


Thread and Crown Barrel $225

This is the cost to thread and crown the barrel.  It includes removal of the barrel from the trunnion, depopulation of the barrel, threading, crowning, repopulation of the barrel, reinstallation to trunnion and headspacing.

The cost to thread OR crown the barrel would be $200.

The cost of parts must be paid prior to the build being started. The labor charge may be paid after completion of the service and prior to delivery of the completed product.


All costs related to the service provided will be determined prior to any work being started. There will be absolutely no surprise bills or price hikes upon completion! All unsuspected costs discovered during the build process will be uncured by me. It is my responsibility to determine what will be required prior to taking on a job.


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