Custom AK Build Services

I strive to build very precise and accurate AK (Kalashnikov) pattern rifles. They will function flawlessly and can be relied upon when the chips are down. I utilize high quality equipment in the process of completing my builds.  I ensure that all rivet holes are precise and properly dimpled where required.  Rivets are all seated flush with the receiver and long rivets have well formed and flush heads.  Barrel journals are measured and compared to the component that is to be pressed on to ensure a proper fit.  Anti-seize grease is used to prevent galling and all pins are properly set.  All barrel components will be straight and aligned with the rear sight block, which is aligned perpendicular to the top of the receiver rails.  Headspace is checked with proper GO and NO-GO gauges whenever a barrel is pressed on and after the barrel pin is set.  Tilt tests are performed to ensure that the bolt carrier assembly moves freely and smoothly in the receiver.  For those that want to bring the most accuracy out of their AK pattern rifle, I can cut precision 11 Degree Target Crowns on barrels if requested.  This process is performed exactly as it would be on a precision rifle build, with a 60 degree primary bevel at the rifling with an 11 degree crown after being indicated from the bore to within 1-10,000 of an inch runout.  Please see below for more details pertaining to Kalashnikov build services.

Fowler Precision Arms will build a rifle from a parts kit that you as the client have provided.  For a small fee of $50 I can make the process very easy for you, as I can source all other parts required to build the rifle, including 922R compliance parts.  If you already have them...that works too.

Build services involve making a complete, and functional rifle from a parts kit provided by the client.  It includes building, headspacing, function testing and test firing.  The below noted cost includes labor price only.

All conversions are dependent upon parts availability. We research parts availability and pricing prior to starting the conversion. The cost noted below includes labor price only. Price may vary depending upon work required to make the conversion.  Saiga conversions include welding and finishing of post-ban holes.  Some Saiga barrels require stripping and turning of the journals to make them fit standard sight and gas blocks.

The cost of parts must be paid prior to the build being started. The labor charge may be paid after completion of the service and prior to delivery of the completed product.

I reserve the right to refuse to produce a rifle from a parts kit that is sub-standard and/or not safe to use. Please inspect the kit before sending it to me, as you will be charged a fee to ship it back to you in the event that it is un-usable.  Please clean the parts kit of Cosmoline and heavy grease.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but I will charge an additional fee of $50 if I have to degrease the entire kit.  I charge $50 if I have to remove pins and blocks from barrel stubs and remove receiver cuts from trunnions, as this takes a lot of time.  Current parts kits are not imported with a barrel. I will source a quality Green Mountain or AK Builder barrel, all of the required pins/build parts and a proper receiver. I will provide an invoice for the cost of parts and labor charges that will be agreed upon prior to starting work. You will be provided a receipt for the parts kit that you provide and any funds paid. Cost of parts must be paid prior to any work beginning. The shipping and handling, labor charge, and other fees may be paid upon completion if preferred.  My lead times now are less than 3 months and in many cases significantly sooner.



Note:  Minimum service charge of $60 (NOT in addition to charges listed below).



-Apply Linseed Finish to Wood ($10)

-Build Service Complete Parts Kit: Standard ($375)

-Build Service Complete Parts Kit: Folder ($395)

-Build Service: Populated Barrel ($275)

-Build Service: Populated Barrel Folder ($300)

-Cerakote Service: 1-Color, Metal Only ($200)

-Cut/Crown Populated Barrel ($225)

-Cut/Crown/Drill Limiter on Arsenal ($250)

-Cut/Crown/Thread Populate Barrel ($280)

-Demil AK/Install New Receiver ($250)

-Demil AK/Parts Kit ($50)

-Drill Limiter on Arsenal AK ($25)

-Drill/Install New Barrel Pin ($75)

-Drill/Pin Gas Piston ($35)

-Finish 80% Receiver: Welded & Heat Treated ($50)

-Folding Stock Conversion ($150)

-Install 4.5mm/5.5mm Side Folder ($200)

-Install AK Optics Side Rail ($35)

-Install Definitive Arms AR to AK Magazine Adapter ($200)

-Install Sling Loop: Rear AK Receiver ($35)

-Install/Adjust/Tune Trigger: Tapco G2 (Trigger not included) ($70)

-Manufacture/Heat Treat Pin ($5)

-Polish AK Internals ($35)

-Polish and Tune AK Receiver Rails ($50)

-Pre-Ban to Post-Ban Back End Conversion ($150)

-Press and Pin Front Sight Assembly or Gas Block ($65)

-Remove Barrel/Install New Barrel ($280)

-Remove Rusted Muzzle Brake ($10)

-Replace Milled Receiver ($200)

-Replace Stamped Receiver on AK ($250)

-Rifle Inspection ($25)

-Shorten Barrel, Pin/Weld Muzzle Device ($290)

-Single Barrel Block Straightening ($75)

-Straighten/Re-pin Gas Block, FSB and RSB ($150)

-Turn AK Barrel Journal: During Conversion/Instal ($150 + $20/Journal)

-Weld and Finish Receiver Holes ($75)



Section 922r of US Code, Title 18 is a regulation which pertains to building or modifying a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun from imported parts. This law impacts importers, manufacturers, gunsmiths and consumers who assemble their own firearms.

Sec. 178.39 Assembly of semiautomatic rifles or shotguns

No person shall assemble a semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun using more than 10 of the imported parts listed in paragraph (c) of this section if the assembled firearm is prohibited from importation under section 925(d)(3) as not being particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to:(1) The assembly of such rifle or shotgun for sale or distribution by a licensed manufacturer to the United States or any department or agency thereof or to any State or any department, agency, or political subdivision thereof; or(2) The assembly of such rifle or shotgun for the purposes of testing or experimentation authorized by the Director under the provisions of Sec. 178.151; or(3) The repair of any rifle or shotgun which had been imported into or assembled in the United States prior to November 30, 1990, or the replacement of any part of such firearm.

For purposes of this section, the term imported parts are:

(1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings

(2) Barrels

(3) Barrel extensions

(4) Mounting blocks (trunions)

(5) Muzzle attachments

(6) Bolts

(7) Bolt carriers

(8) Operating rods

(9) Gas pistons

(10) Trigger housings

(11) Triggers

(12) Hammers

(13) Sears

(14) Disconnectors

(15) Butt stocks

(16) Pistol grips

(17) Forearms, hand guards

(18) Magazine bodies

(19) Followers

(20) Floor plates





All costs related to the service provided will be determined prior to any work being started. There will be absolutely no surprise bills or price hikes upon completion! All unsuspected costs discovered during the build process will be uncured by me. It is my responsibility to determine what will be required prior to taking on a job.


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