My name is Shawn Fowler.  Fowler Precision Arms is a small business owned and operated by me with the sole purpose of producing the most functionally reliable, precisely built and accurate in function and detail, Kalashnikov pattern rifles and pistols possible.  I am an AK gunsmith/builder with a Class 07 FFL/02 SOT. I specialize in custom builds, parts kit builds and Saiga conversions.  I strive to produce the most historically accurate AK-47 and AK-74 pattern rifles as possible.  I can also build an extremely reliable and functional modern defensive and/or sporting and competition rifle.  Thanks for checking out Fowler Precision Arms for your Kalashnikov build needs!

Fowler Arms

Please feel free to contact me by email, phone or text, preferably in the afternoon or evening Monday-Friday. I have no employees, so in the interest of getting work done, I likely will not respond right away.  Please leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible. It may take a few days.  If you do not leave a message I likely will not respond.  I am happy to answer any questions that I can and look forward to hearing from you.  I just need to limit my time on the phone so that I can keep my lead times as short as possible.  Thanks for understanding!




P.O. Box 393 Wilsall, MT 59086     (406) 792-5851